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How to see what people are reading on your blog

To check to see what people are reading in Google Blogger, you need to visit your Stats. Stats is short for statistics, by the way, if anyone asks you.

You get there from the dashboard and selecting Stats, Posts. There is a lot of information there, but I like to see what is the most popular by pageviews.

These stats, by the way, are not "followers" - they are pageviews from people who have found my posts by searching on Google, or seeing it on Google+, LinkedIn, etc. You can, of course, select pageviews by most recent, by the week, etc. This is "All Time", which is the one that interests me the most.

I usually write several posts a week, and rarely go back and look at them. When they start showing up in the stats, I go back and double-check. I often find typos, which is embarrassing, so I fix them.