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The difference between SD, HD, and Blu-ray

When you purchase a movie, you have to make a choice between three levels of quality, SD (standard definition), HD (High Definition), and Blu-ray. They all are good choices, depending on your needs. I will start with the very best, and the most expensive, Blu-ray.

• Blu-ray is by far the highest-quality picture you can get. I have it here, and believe me, it spoils you. Even high definition looks pretty sad by comparison. If you've never seen it, you can save yourself a lot of money by not being spoiled! Here is what you need to watch a movie in Blu-Ray: A 1080p television, a Blu-ray player, and of course, a Blu-ray movie. A major drawback, aside from the expense, is that you have to use Blu-ray discs. You can't get Blu-ray from iTunes. You can't store Blu-ray on your computer. You can't download Blu-ray.

• (HD) High definition is DVD-quality. A high definition TV is one that has at least 720p. If you are not going to upgrade to Blu-ray, and if you download HD movies from iTunes, this is perfect.

• (SD) Standard definition is low quality. It is 480, which looks OK on your tablet, your cell phone, etc. I watch standard definition movies on a small TV in my workout room. If you want to put movies on a video iPod, which is what I do, you will need SD. iPods do not sync HD videos.