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What your email address says about you

In the business world, people communicate with email. It's the modern equivalent of a business letter, which fifty years ago would have been typed on a company letterhead. It would have been enclosed in a company envelope which would have been beautifully designed and printed. Many companies still do this. But mostly the impression your clients get from you is your email, and its address.

First impressions mean a lot. A professional email address should never, ever, be a yahoo or gmail account, or something like that. It should always be connected with your company's website. It should be preceded by your name. If you have a small company, say a dozen employees or so, first name is fine. So it would be, or, etc. If you have a larger company, use both first and last names, such as or An email such as is not an address that will get the kind of respect that most companies require.

On the other hand, there is much to be said for a more "homey" approach. If you are just starting out, or maybe selling a product or service that is a little whimsical, by all means use a funny email address. I have visited websites that have these email addresses, even telephone numbers on them, and I find that they are easy to trust. The best thing that you can do if you are starting on in business on the web is to give out your email address and your telephone number. The worst that will happen will be you will get a lot of spam. The best that will happen is that you will get a lot of business. No, people can't steal your identity just by knowing your email address. Nor can your soul be stolen if they take a photo of you. But I digress.

Putting your email address and telephone number on your website is a sure giveaway that you are just starting out. For an established company, it is better to have a contact page, like this.