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Why "followers" to your blog don't matter

It's nice to have a lot of followers on your blog, but it's really meaningless. Followers are just those people who have have clicked "follow". And chances are that they are your family or friends who wanted to show support when you first published your blog. Or maybe it's just someone who wanted to show support for you. They may or may not have ever gone back. Probably not, unless you asked them to.

The graphic at left is from my blog called Brad's Tropical Paradise, which I do just for fun. I've written stuff on a daily basis for a couple of year now and still have only one (1) follower. And if you're wondering how I could get thousands of visits from all over the world, and still have only one follower, it's because there is a big difference between "followers" and "visitors". The green areas are visitors, by the way, the grey areas are where I've haven't quite caught their attention. What's wrong with me, Greenland?

In spite of failed things like RSS, which means Real Simple Syndication, by the way, people don't follow blogs. They say to themselves, "Hmmm... I would like to know how to make daffodils bloom!", Google it, find an article that interests them, read the article, and go.

So, if you want "followers" to your blog, ask your friends and family to click "follow". If you want visitors to your blog, write about something that people will show interest in, like daffodils, do it using Google Blogger, and promote it in Google+. That way you have a better-than-average chance of showing up on a Google search, which is where people will find you.