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Why there is a UV and an iTunes digital copy with James Bond Skyfall Blu-ray

If you recently purchased the James Bond movie "Skyfall" you noticed that it came with two digital copies, Ultraviolet (UV) and iTunes. And if you're wondering if you should download them both, the answer is yes.

In order to watch the movie on iTunes, you will need to download the iTunes version. This is all that I need, as I transfer it to my iPod, and watch movies and videos in my workout room. But if you travel, even just visiting friends, you will want to download the Ultraviolet version, too.

The benefit of the Ultraviolet version is that you can watch your movie anywhere. If you're sitting in the airport, as long as you have your phone, or tablet, and can connect to the internet, the movie, which you own, is there. You have to log in and use a password, of course, but the good news is that you don't need to actually have to have the movie, in iTunes.

I don't travel much, so UV has not interested me, but that's what it's for. So redeem the UV code, take the time to go through the process of setting up the account, and then Skyfall will be ready and waiting for you anywhere you go.