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Why you should fill out your Google Profile

If your comments in Blogger have either a blank face or say "Anonymous", that doesn't help you with exposure. If you're like me, and you want exposure, every time you post a comment, whether on Blogger or Google+, you want your face to show. And if people are interested in what you say, you want them to be able to find out more. That's what a Google Profile is all about.

Yeah, I know you've uploaded your picture millions of times, and written the story of your life over and over, but if you haven't done it for Google, you are missing out. My Google Profile is what shows up whenever someone "Googles" me. It has information that I control, a picture that I can update in one place that updates with all of the other Google products I use, and gives me a chance to, well, promote myself. Yes, the whole world will find out that I draw cartoons and like dachshunds! And that's what I want.

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a Google kind'a guy. With due respect to all of the other sites that don't help me with search engine ratings, I prefer to put my energy into Google. If you use any Google product, from Gmail to Google+ to Blogger, there is a Google Profile, probably mostly blank, waiting for you to fill out. If you have a website, like me, just copy and paste the information from there to your profile. Use the same photo of yourself everywhere.

If you don't use Google products, I respect your need for privacy and anonymity. But as for me, I like being on the first few pages of a Google search!