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Why your cell phone is so annoying

The one thing that everybody can agree on with their cell phone is that there is something annoying about it. And this is typical of a technology that is new. Oddly enough, even though cell phones have been around for many years, they are still an unresolved technology. You can tell by looking at them, as they are all so different from each other. Please let me explain.

Once a technology is resolved, all versions of it look pretty much the same. When automobiles were first invented, there were several different ways of steering. Once the steering wheel that we use today was decided as being the best way to go, all cars became the same that way. Before that, when they were a new technology, they were all very different.

A resolved technology takes time, as the people who make the decisions on what works are the people who use them, not the manufacturers. I'm sure that there was a spirited debate in 1902 for and against steering wheels on cars. The people who preferred the handle-bar steering lost out, sorry.

So we will need to be patient. Future generations will display my Samsung cell phone next to an iPhone and be amazed at the wonderful variation that existed in those days! But we are living in this time, and it is, well, annoying.