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Getting started on Google+

To get started on Google+, go to the Google+ main page. If you use any Google product, such as Blogger, or Gmail, you use the same username and password.

Even if your intention is to promote your business, start with a page about yourself. The business page will be separate. The "you" page is about you. The information there should be the same type of public information that you share anytime you are presenting yourself professionally. No, you don't have to tell people what your zodiac sign is, or if you are in a relationship, or any other such nonsense. This isn't Facebook. Use your real name and your real face (unless you are in the witness protection program - and if so why are posting on the web at all?). There is nothing wrong with mentioning that you like dachshunds, like I do, but don't overdo the personal stuff or you will just creep everyone out. Yes, it's OK to say that you live in Los Angeles, or Phoenix. No one will be able to steal your identity by knowing that. There is, however, no reason to give your home address or your bank PIN number. Here is my Google Profile.

From there, you can create pages that promote your business. I created one for my Cartoon illustrations and one for my Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images (which is actually my hobby). I have all of my settings to public, because I want people to find me. And they do, because Google indexes all of this information. As a business person, I want to connect with other like-minded people and attract new clients, which is what Google+ will do.

Keep in mind that Google+ is not Facebook, nor was it ever intended to be. If you would like to communicate with just your friends and family, by all means spend your time there. Google+ is part of the overall structure of Google, which is about promoting yourself, and your business, in a much wider scope than Facebook can.

Setting up your Google profile and a business page will take a fair amount of time. Remember, this is Google, not Facebook, this is your face to the world, not a small group of friends. Make sure it looks right, no typos, and is well-written. Go back and check it and check it again. It's an investment in your business.