This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

How to learn design

Design is like acting - while very few people know how to do it well, just about everyone can tell when it's bad. And bad design is like bad singing, or playing a musical instrument badly, it actually hurts the people who are exposed to it. So if your design is causing pain to people, either stop doing it, or learn how to do it right, please.

Learning design is like learning to play the guitar. Some people are going to be naturally good at it, but everyone can get better. And the place to learn design is at a school.

Design is design, but at a school you must choose classes that have a practical application. But it's not difficult, just look for the word "design", as in Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design. And all design begins with the same fundamentals of learning composition, color, that sort of thing. Your basic classes in any design curriculum will be basic art classes such as drawing, painting and sculpture.

Many people will stop with drawing and painting. And that's fine. But if you want to move on to more abstract types of design, such as Graphic Design, you will need to keep going. And the basics that you learn in your fundamental classes will serve you well. It becomes a language, and a way of seeing. Yes, it's an elite group, and mostly they are all on Macintosh computers.

Design can be beautiful. But at the least it shouldn't hurt people.