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How to post a link on Google+

Now that you have your Google+ page, it's time to start promoting your blog, your website, or anything else. To do this, copy the URL (the address) and click on the little icon that looks like a chain link. When you click that little "chain link" icon, the box opens up and after you paste in the URL, you get a preview of what the post will look like. Take a few seconds and look to see if the image is correct (many times Google+ will allow you to scroll through and change the image, or you can remove it if you like). You can also remove the description. I have experimented. Sometimes I leave it there, sometimes I remove it. Of course you want to select "Public". I experimented a bit with "Circles" and just found it annoying. Everything I do on the web is public, so everything I post goes out public.

If you get it wrong, delete it and try again. I do that a lot. Remember that Google+ is being invented while we are all on it, so this information will probably be obsolete soon. I kind'a like that, it makes me feel better when I make mistakes - nobody is an "old pro" on Google+!

If you're not entirely clear on what I mean by a URL, here are some examples