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How to share a YouTube video on Google+

To share a YouTube video on Google+, copy the URL (the address) of the video and select the link tool (it's the one that looks like a little propeller, or a sideways bow-tie). Yeah, I know, you're wondering, "why don't I select video?" The video is already done, on YouTube, you are just sharing the link. And when you do it right, it looks great on Google+. Here is how you do it:

• Select the link tool from the "Share what's new..." box

• When the box opens up, paste in the URL. Be sure, as always, that you have "public" selected. Then click "Share". There really is no reason to write anything, especially if the video speaks for itself, like this one does.

And there you go! This is Russ Williams of Tunekeys piano tuning. In addition to tuning pianos, he is also a voice talent and a video instructor. And his greatest claim to fame is that, yes, he tuned my piano!