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Please don't call me a teacher

Although I have been checking off the box on my income taxes as "teacher" since the 90s, I really don't like the term. Some of the most annoying and miserable people I have ever known in my life have been teachers. And worse than them were "professors", which is exactly how I see them, standing up in front of a group, professing their knowledge, going on and on...

I'm a coach. Or at least I strive to be. No, I don't coach football, I coach graphic design software. And it's exactly the same concept. Instead of handing you a ball, I hand you the computer. If you are afraid to touch Photoshop, I assure you that it won't bite you. Or you can't hurt it.

After my first year teaching at The Art Institute of Phoenix, I started writing "You can do this!" at the bottom of every syllabus. I didn't tell anyone to not call me a teacher, but I described myself as an "instructor" (pronounced like "transformer"). I laughed at people who called me "Professor", and at teachers who called themselves that. If I had a snowball, I would have knocked their top hats off.

I've known some great coaches in my life, both literally, while in high school, and "life coaches" that I have known. They were there to encourage me, to catch me when I fell (which I vividly remember from Junior High School). Coaches do not drone and on, they tell you to get out there. Try it again!

You can do this!