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Responding to a blog post

I have been writing several blogs for many years now, and while there are only a few comments in the "comments" boxes, I do get a fair amount of responses.

A blog, like this, is not a forum. This is my opportunity to express myself. Hopefully there will be something that will catch your interest. Having lots of comments along the bottom of a blog post isn't necessarily a good thing. Many times it just means that your blog post is so stupid and nonsensical that people feel compelled to tell you how much of an idiot you are. Or it may be a post that attracts a lot of people who are selling something.

I monitor the comments to my blog posts, and most of them are garbage. Either a comment has been generated automatically because I mentioned the word "dachshund" or else maybe someone is having a bad day and decided to do a rant about dachshunds in general. Luckily Blogger lets me see it before it's posted and I can make the decision to delete it, mark it as spam, or post it. Usually it's the second option.

The people who respond to me in a thoughtful way usually use my contact page. I'm a professional graphic designer and illustrator, so I have a website. I do want to hear from people, and I will respond. I am often surprised by the number of people who will send a message to me that begins with a compliment. I always say, "thank you for your kind words", and I really mean it.

If you want to hire me to do graphic design, or to draw a cartoon, that would be great. But just kind words are of great value to me, too. And if I misspelled "dachshund", yes, I do want to know.