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The difference between YouTube "views" and "viewing"

Everyone knows about the view counter on YouTube videos. Every time someone visits a particular video page, the counter clicks up one. But I recently learned about the difference between "views" and "viewing". And if you use Adsense, it makes a huge difference to your earnings.

A "view" just means that someone visited your video. They may have clicked away from it a second or so later, but it still counts as a view. However, Adsense has a way of compensating for that. They pay more if your video is really viewed, as opposed to just visited. This is how I discovered it:

My most viewed video has earned just a fraction of a video that got much viewer visits because people were not watching it. They apparently were just visiting it and clicking away. The biggest money-earner for me was the video that people were actually watching.

The lesson here is pretty cool. Just writing an attractive headline and posting a terrible video will get you almost nothing. The trick to it is to write and attractive headline AND have an interesting video for people to watch.

There. Now go post something worth watching!