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The three biggest mistakes people make writing a blog post

The three biggest mistakes people make when writing a blog post are:

1) Not getting to the point. I just clicked on the link because your blog post was titled "Best dog food for dachshunds". I do not want to have to plow through paragraph after paragraph while you organize your thoughts. If you have trouble writing a post that is short and to the point, try this trick, write normally, then delete the first few paragraphs.

2) Talking about yourself. People hate this. Yeah, you want to tell everyone that you were an international man (or woman) of mystery until you took an arrow to the knee. Shut. Up. If you feel compelled to talk about yourself, put it in your Google profile in case anyone wants to read about it. They probably don't. And if your Google profile is blank, or has a lot of errors, that tells me what I need to know about you. Probably not what you want me to think!

3) Referring to other blog posts. Never, ever say, "you can read more in my other post..." Treat each post as a standalone. When you say, "As I mentioned in my January 13th blog post about dachshunds", I just want to throw a snowball and knock your top hat off. Obnoxious and pompous!

There. Now I feel better!