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Three shortcuts to writing a great blog post

Here are three shortcuts to writing a great blog post:

1) Write a headline that creates interest. People love information, but they want it short and sweet. It's good to have a list of things, and keep the list short. A list of three seems to be the best. And if you can use the word "shortcut" or "tricks", even better. People want the short answer.

2) Keep your blog post short, but not too short. If you have promised to give three shortcuts to writing a great blog post, do so. But don't get people all excited that they are going to learn something great and then give them nothing. That's as bad as over explaining. Be specific. In this instance, the idea is to keep the blog no more than four to five paragraphs.

3) Use numbers, lists, or bullet points. Your blog post is not a book that someone is going to curl up with on a rainy day. Make the information clear and sharp. Make the first sentence in each paragraph contain the information that they need. Put it in bold. Feel free to expound, but don't expect people to read a paragraph trying to guess at your meaning.

And if you'd like a cool trick to learn how to write eye-catching headlines, go stand in front of the magazine rack at your local bookstore. All magazines have this kind of stuff, and their success depends on it.