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Upgrading to a new system for the elderly

If you're elderly, that is, over 14, you probably hate upgrading to a new system. It seems like every time you turn around, you have to learn a new cell phone, or a new computer system, or how to operate the new microwave. I sympathize. And if you are protesting right now, no, that's not me, imagine that I took your computer, or cell phone away and gave you a new one. Would you be thrilled, or would you just say, "dang, now I gotta learn all this all over again."

Resisting change is just the natural progression of developing knowledge. Once you have taken the trouble to learn something, it's pretty annoying to find that you have to start all over again. And the more you learn, and the more you know, the more you get the feeling that all of your hard work goes down the drain with each new system.

And it's true. If I gave you a brand new Rolls-Royce right now (not that I would), you would have to learn how to set the security code for keyless entry, etc. And on and on. It wouldn't take long after your thrill of getting a shiny new toy turns into frustration as you try to figure out where the start button is, and how to put it in "drive".

The best I can suggest on minimizing the impact of upgrading to a new system is to do it often. If your computer is over ten years old, you will be having to make quite a leap when you replace it.

No, the world is not going to sit still. As it moves, take the little jumps you need.