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Upgrading your YouTube Channel cover photo

March 28th 2013. There is no hurry to upgrade to the new YouTube channel. In fact, many channels which get a lot of views, aren't bothering with this at all. So, if you have better things to do with your time, I recommend putting it at the bottom of your "To do" list.

But if you are going to upgrade, the most difficult part of the whole thing will be getting the cover photo. The trend now is to have a photo that scales up and down, and looks good from TVs to cell phones. And since it will display differently on different devices, it's good to keep it pretty generic. I uploaded a photo of my wiener dog, Macintosh. The pixels dimensions are 2120 X 1192. And even though I'm pretty confident of my skills in Photoshop, it still took me several attempts to get it right.

The image will crop on computer screens and cell phones, so be sure to choose an image that has something small towards the middle (like a wiener dog) and a LOT of background.

By the way, the image size is the same as the one that Google+ just changed to, so if you want to use the same image, you can. I did a different one just to make it a little bit more difficult for me. Here is the YouTube channel for BradHallArt. I'm not a video guy, but I have to know a little bit about how this works, so it's mostly videos of my wiener dog.

Someday we will all look back on this and laugh.