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What remembering people's names says about you

Sometimes when I see someone whom I have met, they say, "Hi, Brad!". Sometimes they say, "I don't remember your name."Sometimes they go on to say, "I never remember people's names!"

What's nice about this is that I can get a very quick evaluation of where I stand, and how this person prioritizes information. Of course, it's just a rough estimate, but usually after a few more phrases I know if the person that I am talking to is completely self-absorbed, or if they actually do care about the people around them.

If this sounds harsh, remember that I am not going around trying to make a judgement just for the sake of it, I am adjusting myself to that person's "learning style" (which is a term teachers use, sorry I can't help it). My main goal is to not make someone feel foolish, and to adjust myself as closely as I can to seeing things through their point of view (sales/marketing talk).

I remember people's names. I may forget their birthday, or the day of the week. Hopefully I haven't forgotten to wear my pants when I go to the grocery store. When I meet people, I listen to their name, and use it. If they don't give it, I ask "what's your name?" Oddly enough, some adults don't know to do this. I work very hard on getting the pronunciation, and the spelling, right. I do not poke fun at names. If you spell your name with an "y" instead of an "i", I go back and check it again before I send you an email. People in my classes often saw me remembering names as if it were some type of magical trick. It starts with caring. I do.

Names matter. If you want to wear a sign that says, "I'm intelligent and people matter to me", remember names.