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Will there be a future for the current technology?

Every once in a while someone expresses a concern that the current technology will become obsolete. For example, will a scanned photo be able to be seen in the future? Or will it be a dead end, like putting something on a VHS tape? Will ebooks be able to be read?

It's a valid concern, but hardly anything new. When the electric light bulb was invented, many people wisely kept a good store of candles nearby. And as the technology changed, certain things became obsolete. I doubt whether you could successfully use an original Edison light bulb in your living room lamp today.

My favorite example of a modern technology is the car. If you sold your horse in 1915, would you regret it? Would the current technology just suddenly fail? Fortunately, it doesn't, but it continues to evolve. So, if you were reluctant to buy a car in 1915 for fear that parts wouldn't be available in 2013, it's a valid concern. And if you look at it like that, yeah, you were better off keeping the horse.

I have always embraced new technology. But I never have done it simply for the "gee whiz" effect. I did it because it made things better for me. This computer is an example of that. If someone digs it up in fifty years, will it work? Probably not. Will the files on it be readable? Probably not. But the technology that it's based on will be there.

My favorite subject is digitizing photos and books. The internet has helped to make this revolution happen. And the technology that makes all of this precious information available to anyone in the world will continue to exist as long as people want it to. It will evolve, that's for sure.

So, if you want to hang onto your candles, your horse, and your paper books and photos, don't worry, I'm not interested in taking them away from you. But if you actually stand in the way of progress, I will consider you a modern book-burner. It would nice if you would just gently step out of the way. It would be nicer still if you could help.

You can volunteer at The Gutenberg Project here