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Cartooning and humorous illustration

I consider myself a humorous illustrator, not really a cartoonist. When people hear that I am a cartoonist, they want to know if I do comic strips in the newspaper, or if my cartoons are on "The Cartoon Network". Sorry, that's not me. But I use the term cartoons because it's a whole lot easier than "humorous illustrator".

If you've lived in the Phoenix area in the past thirty years, you've seen my cartoons. But they haven't been in comic strips in the paper and they haven't been on cartoons on TV. They have been mostly in advertising. Like any decent commercial illustrator, my cartoons are intended to draw attention to a product or service, not themselves.

And, like everything related to my career, I had no idea that humorous illustration was, and is, so popular. My first important commission was with the advertising agency that handled Valley National Bank, when I was freelancing while going to ASU. And I've been doing this stuff ever since. This is how it works:

My clients tell me that they need a funny drawing of "branch offices" or "interest-earning checking". I do a rough sketch, they make whatever corrections that they want, and I do the final artwork which is then assembled in the ad, or poster.

So there it is. And if you've actually noticed my cartoons, instead of getting a Home Equity Loan from Bank One, I would be very much surprised. Call 1-800-352-LEND today!