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Comparing Google+ plusses to followers

When you look at your Google+ page, you will see two different sets of numbers, one is the number of "plusses" your page has gotten, and one is the number of followers. Neither one is really a good indicator of the how many people are visiting your page, but right now it's all that Google+ has.

For everything else I post, such as this blog, or my websites, I can use Google Analytics to determine how many visitors they are getting. Oddly enough, Google Analytics can't be applied to a Google+ page, at least not that the time of this writing, so I have been watching the two things that I can watch. And there is a big difference between the two numbers. Here is what I have figured out.

The +674 number means the number of times that a unique visitor has clicked the +1 next to one of your posts. Personally, I rarely do this when I visit somewhere, and most people don't, so it really isn't a good indication of the number of visitors. I've had my Google+ page up for over a year, and I hope that I have gotten more than 674 visits.

The followers, of course, are the people who have put your page into one of their circles. This is, by far, the worst way to measure the number of people who are actually visiting your page. I have several friends who have "circled" this page, and never returned. They remain, smiling at me, as "followers". This blog, by the way, has 6 (six) followers, and gets thousands of hits from all over the world.

I don't sell anything on Google+, and I really can't recommend it as a commercial tool. I mean, who would pay for something if they had no idea how many people were watching? When you run a commercial during the Super Bowl, you have a pretty good idea of how many people are watching, and can determine if it's a good investment in advertising. Without these numbers, you are flying blind.

I enjoy using Google+ as part of my hobbies of historic Phoenix and gardening. Overall, it helps your Google indexing and becomes an important part of your public image on the web. But these numbers are just like the steering wheel on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland, they don't actually mean anything, but you really can't let go. I know, I've tried!