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How to operate an automatic elevator

If you can imagine a time in the 1940s when people who had been used to having a person inside of an elevator operate it for them, being told that they could now operate an elevator themselves, "with the push of a button", you have some idea how I have felt being a software instructor for the past fifteen years.

Yeah, it's that easy. I have finished training sessions where my main goal is to insure that my students don't feel foolish about how easy it was and how nervous they had been before. I've actually had people come up to me, especially after an Adobe session, and say, "you're kidding". Luckily, no one resents it.

I suppose in the future, people will wonder why there were "training sessions" for software, the same way that I wonder why there were "training sessions" to learn to operate an automatic elevator. Yes, I've seen booklets that carefully described how you could operate the elevator yourself. And yes, there were presentations that you could go to.

Just push the button. It's easy once you know how.