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How to write a blog post

A blog, which is short for "web log" was originally intended to be a sort of running journal. Every day you would write in it like a diary, and people would follow your adventures. But it didn't work out that way. In fact, if you write it a blog that way you can pretty much guarantee that no one will ever read it. I've been blogging for a couple of years now and have been watching what works, and what doesn't. Here is what I have learned

• Be brief. If your blog post goes on and on and on, people will take one look at it and click away. A good blog post is like "Cliff Notes". Get to the point. And always remove any paragraphs that explains what you are going to do, such as "I thought I'd sit down this morning and write about dachshunds..." Your audience already knows that. Did I mention get to the point? Get to the point.

• Keep the information self-contained. That is, don't refer people to more information here, or make them click on links, or anything. If you have more information, write another blog post. No, you don't need to tell anyone "in another blog post I mention the favorite doggy treats of dachshunds". Just write the other blog post titled "Favorite doggy treats of dachshunds".

• Write the title of the post with a Google search in mind. If you are going to write about the favorite doggy treats of dachshunds, write the title as "The favorite doggy treats of dachshunds", not "what my dog likes".

The vast majority of people who read blogs don't follow them. They do a Google search, find the interesting information, read it, and go.