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Promoting your product or service beyond just a website

Don't get me wrong, you still need a website. Everyone needs one, and everyone has one. I'm just saying that you shouldn't rely on it to promote your product your service. Please let me explain.

A website is like a brick-and-morter business. It needs to be solidly-built, and it needs to be convenient for customers to buy things. Everything about your website should make it easy and convenient for your customers. When people go to your website, they are usually very interest in buying.

And, going back to the brick-and-morter analogy, if yours was the only building for miles, that would be enough. In the early days of the web, just having a website was like that. It made you unique, and that's really all you needed to do. But the web has grown up around your building and it is now virtually invisible.

So, make sure your website is solidly-built and well-maintained, but leave it alone. To promote your product your service, you have got to go beyond just having the location. And when people ask me what to do to promote their business, I saw "everything". If you're wondering if you should advertise in the local newspaper, that's up to you. I don't know about that stuff. I suppose you could walk through the town ringing a bell, saying "hear ye, hear ye! Purchase my product or service!" That's not my field of expertise. I would say if you feel that it's a good investment, do it.

My field of expertise is on the web. If you want to promote your business on the web, there is a lot you can do. It's free, but there is a staggering cost in the amount of time it takes. If you feel that you can dedicate the time, this is what I suggest:

• Blog. No, don't write about your vacation last summer, or your grandkids, write about what your field is all about. If you are in, for example, the exterminating business, write about bugs. You will probably be surprised at how much you know. Write as many blog posts as you want. The more you write, and it must be original content, the more your website will get noticed. And oh yeah, be absolutely sure it's here on Blogger. The Google Search Engine likes its own products.

• Promote your blog on Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter. Hey, you can even post on Facebook, but be cautious there. Your friends may not want to read about bugs.

And that's about it. If your field includes videos, do a YouTube Channel. But blogging and promoting your website will probably be enough, if you have a good product or service. From there, the web will take care of the rest.