This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

What a Graphic Designer is

When I first started my career, the term "Graphic Designer" was rare. In casual conversation, I would call myself a "Commercial Artist". And for most people, that was enough. For people who had a bit of a handle on what Graphic Designers did, they would ask me if I designed logos. Some people imagined that I did drawings. And to confuse matters even more, I did both. But there is a difference between a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator.

An Illustrator draws things, a Graphic Designer designs things. Yes, there are plenty of Graphic Designers who are also illustrators (I do cartoon illustration), just as there are plenty of Graphic Designer who are also photographers.

Like most Graphic Designers, I had no idea what Graphic Design was when I started out on getting my education. I had always liked to draw, so I took some art classes. As I learned more about "Commercial Art", I started doing freelance work doing ad layout.

Nowadays when people ask what I do, I sometimes say Graphic Design, and sometimes I say Web Design. Good web design is the best design being done in the world right now. And like all Graphic Design, when it's done well, the design "disappears" to most people and all they are left with is a good feeling.

To start understanding Graphic Design, start with recognizing bad design. That's easy. When you start to see beautiful design, which is everywhere, you have arrived.

Welcome to my world.