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Why Facebook has been hijacked by advertising people

Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing about advertising isn't how creative the message is, it's how good the audience is. Yes, it's nice to have a beautiful-designed ad, or a celebrity endorsement, but if you have the right audience, all you gotta do is show your product or service, and it's sold.

And that's why any gathering of an audience attracts the advertising people. From the first time a crowd has gathered, from the dawn of history, to to see something, or listen to someone, advertising people have put up their banners, or shouted "hear ye, hear ye, buy ye this great product!"

And trying to discourage this type of "commercial behavior" in a crowd that appeals to advertising people is an exercise in frustration. These people are good. If they can't get a flashing billboard in front of the audience, they will get someone to wear a hat with their logo on it, or maybe just do a casual mention.

And advertising the right message to the right audience is actually something people do want. If you have a group of people who love dachshunds, they really do want to know about the best and safest chew-toys for wiener dogs. This is when "advertising" become information, which is a good thing.