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Working for a crisis manager

As a Graphic Designer, I've worked for a lot of crisis managers. In fact, I attribute my success in this field to the fact that they vast majority of people out there can't seem to plan ahead at all. So, don't get me wrong, I would love to be able to work at a leisurely pace, with plenty of advance time and plenty of time to make corrections and adjustments, but it's just not the real world. And unfortunately, if you can't work for a crisis manager, your chances of being successful are pretty slim.

Working for a crisis manager can be fun, and profitable. These people tend to be very apologetic about letting something go to the "the last minute" and also very appreciative of someone who not only gets the job done correctly and fast, but doesn't make a big deal out of it.

I don't charge "rush" rates. When you hire me, you are getting someone who actually gets a big kick out of going at top speed. For me, it's kind of like being a race car driver. Yes, I can deliver that deadline. And I have watched the competition eat my dust for years, if they even try. I was an early adaptor to the new computer technology. I even named my dog Macintosh!

I don't overcharge crisis managers. If you have ever found yourself being cheated by someone who knows that you need something right away, you know that you resent it. Crisis managers are not evil people, trying to make life difficult for everyone around them, they are just normal individuals who get overwhelmed and sometimes forget things until the last minute.

Yeah, I can do that.