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Drawing caricatures for fun and profit

I've been drawing caricatures since I was in high school. Mostly I did it for fun, or maybe someone would do me a favor by protecting me from getting beat up or something. And in my twenties, I did it professionally, although only one summer, at Magic Mountain near Los Angeles.

A couple of years ago I thought it would be good to add it to the list of things that I do in addition to graphic design and cartoon illustration. I had gotten a request to find a student who would be willing to do an event for the City of Glendale, which just meant sitting in one spot, as employees, who were celebrating something, I forget what, walked around, eating popcorn, listening to music, that sort of thing. I put the word out to my students, but there were no volunteers. Did I mention that it didn't pay anything? So, I volunteered myself, and had a blast. It had been twenty years since I had done anything like that, and I wondered it I could still do it, and if it was still fun.

It was a lot of fun. So I added "Caricatures for Special Events" to my website and business card. And I found myself becoming part of a group of people who travel around to events and parties. These people included clowns, DJs, photographers, that sort of thing. I have done corporate events, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and wedding receptions.

Lately, more clients have been requesting caricatures through email. This works great as most people are comfortable sending attachments - I ask for more than one photo of the person to be drawn. It's easier on the sitter as no one needs to pose, either!