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May 31, 2013

How Google Adsense works

There appears to be nothing more complex in the known Universe than how Google Adsense works. I'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt, and just figure that they meant well, but if you just want to know some basics about it, and go to their help pages, it's like being lectured at 7 am in an Astrophysics class which you really shouldn't be in. I've really given up on really understanding it, but here is what I know.

First of all, to get to the stats on Blogger click on Earnings which is along the left-hand side of the overview page (at least as of this writing), which takes you to another page whereby you click on View Dashboard under Google Adsense.

I signed up for Google affiliate ads when I started blogging several years ago. The ads pay for the free service, and I'm an old marketing guy, so I understand. I can choose the number and size (few and small) of the ads on the blog. And yes, I have discovered that fewer and smaller ads are best. If people have to fight through your ads to read your blog, they ain't never comin' back.

The statistic page is mind-boggling and they seem to add something new every few days. There is a statistic that measures exactly how many blah blah blahs as compared to how many blah blah blahs over a time period that... well, you get the point. All I want to know is are people looking at the pages and are they clicking the links? Luckily, if you stop at the first page and squint your eyes to ignore all the other stuff, it actually kind'a tells you.

Like all stuff like this, it has a lot of CTR and CPC and RPM nonsense. You can ignore all of that. I'm from the Society For The Elimination Of Useless Acronyms (SFTEOUA), so I've learned to look past all of this stuff. Just go to the Totals under Page Views, which shows you how many page views you've gotten, and look at the number of Clicks. If people aren't clicking you aren't making much money. Then go to the right and see your estimated earnings. They make a big deal about "estimated earnings" but it's really the actual amount you'll get, unless you're trying to cheat the system, which some people do, but you aren't.

I like to check the stats over my morning coffee. I don't know why they make it so complex, but they do.

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