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How Google+ has changed how people, and businesses, look on the web

As a graphic designer who has always specialized in "image advertising", I am quite pleased with how good people, and businesses, look on Google+. There has always been a bit of a "taint" to advertising and publicity on the web, giving even the most respectable people and businesses a little of a "shady operator" look.

But there are a lot of good people, like me, who own businesses and would like to put our best face forward to the world. We don't want a bunch of "LOLs" on Facebook, we don't want our ads popping up in your browser. But we do want you to know about us. We do good work, our places of business are worth visiting. And Google+, for the first time on the web, is sending that message.

Having a strong presence on Google+ makes you look good. If you use it correctly, it does everything that positive image advertising does. If you are running a scam, or cheating people, Google+ is probably not the best place for you. Continue to hide, send out spam emails, etc. But if you, like me, and my clients, have to need to hide, go show yourself on Google+. This is how you do it.

• Start with your face and name. If you're reluctant to show your face and name to the public, chances are you really aren't a good candidate for image advertising. I can't help you. But really, you have a great face. And your name, especially if you own your own company, like I do, has been public for a long time. And rest assured that this is not ego, this is pride. I am proud of the work that I do, and I'm pretty sure you are, too. Get a flattering, recent, photo. Use your real name. Google+ is a place for grownups. This isn't MySpace.

• Fill out your Google+ profile. You can copy and paste from some of the stuff you have on Linkedin. If you are reluctant to say good things about yourself, find someone who can. By the way, that profile also shows up in a Google search, so don't say anything stupid, ironic, or sarcastic. Be straight-forward.  And remember that your Google+ profile is about you, the business owner. You may be surprised at how impressive you are.

• Get involved with the Google+ community. No, don't start "spamming" everyone with links to your special sales on alternate Thursdays, but do get involved. Comment on stuff. Click the + button.

I was an early adaptor to Google+ and have to admit that it has succeeded beyond my expectations. The success of it is in the positive image. Here is one place on the web where you can look as good as you are.