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May 7, 2013

How to design a web page, or blog, that people want to read

There are a lot of subtle tricks of design that can increase the visual appeal of any page, including web pages and blogs. But I have found that for most people, the best place to start is what not to do. This is kind'a "reverse design" - that is, backing out of all of the things that discourage people from reading your page, and ending up with a visually appealing page that people want to read. Here is where you start:

• Remove the background color, or image, from behind whatever you would like people to read. If you have made this mistake thinking that it "looks cool", you have made people click away as fast as humanly possible. No, it doesn't have to be bland or boring, it just has to not hurt the eyes.

• Remove the clutter. If you have felt compelled to add animations, or just about everything you could think of, including that great photo of your kitchen sink, remove them. The images should matter. They should be important. If they are just "filling space", you have made a mistake. Remember that the more clutter your page has, the less people will want to read it, or even visit for a few seconds.

• Be sparing with images. Just because you took a dozen photos of your dog doesn't mean you have to post them all. Post one or two.

• Write in paragraphs and full sentences. Save the cryptic writing for texting on your cell phone. This is a web page, you are writing on a keyboard. Use full sentences. Use paragraphs, with, you know, space between them. Use punctuation.

And there you go. Do these few things and you are well on your way to having a page that doesn't hold the world's record for "clicking away". If you are writing "just for yourself" by all means, ignore this advice. When you ask people if they have read your page, they will probably just change the subject

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