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What a "sneaker net" is

Computer geeks have been using the term "sneaker net" for a long time. It simply means moving a file from one place to another by physically carrying it, and walking. It goes back to the days when getting files to go across wires in a network wasn't reliable, and now it means the same thing when applied to a wireless network. A classic example of a "sneaker net" is my video iPod.

In order to watch videos in my workout room on my TV, I take the iPod, in my hand, into the other room. Then I plug it into the connector to play on the TV. I am usually wearing sneakers, by the way. I guess really they are cross-trainers, but that doesn't sound quite right. The "net", by the way, is short for  "network". Yeah, sarcastic, I know, but for people like me who have made their living on computers, well, we just make it work.

Here at my home office I have not felt the need for a wireless, or even a wired, network. I only have this one computer, and carrying the iPod to the workout room isn't all that much trouble. It is for a workout, you know! But the day will come when Apple discontinues the video iPod and I will have to invest in a wireless system. In the meantime, I'll sneaker net.