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Where Google+ has moved the "about" link

Google+ changed its layout yesterday. Not so much that it's unrecognizable, but just enough to make you feel stupid tripping into things as you stumble for your coffee. And it's funny how even a little change can make things appear to be invisible.

One of the first things I've always look for in a Google+ page is the "about". There are a lot of interesting people and cool businesses on Google+ and these people are always sure to fill out their Google+ profile so that I can learn more about them. And even though the link has only moved a little bit, I have to admit that I was confounded for a while this morning, wondering where it went to.

On the day before yesterday, the "about" link was along the bottom of the profile photo, now it's at the top. Note that the profile photo is not the picture in the circle, it's the big one that many of us went to a lot of trouble to upload not too long ago. And, interestingly enough, even less of that photo displays now.

Mostly the new Google layout is great, but the design mistake they made with the "about" link is typical of what I call "designing in a vacuum". Putting these links along the top of the page must have looked great to the designers, but it didn't occur to them that it would be a web page displayed in a browser, which typically has a bunch of links on the top, as bookmarks. I always encouraged my design students to look at how their design will look in combination with the things around it.