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Why you shouldn't use GPS in your car

There are a lot of things that people somehow feel that they can do, although no one else in the world can do them. They include multi-tasking and looking away for "just for a second". Unfortunately, no human being can do that. You really can't do two things at once, you are just switching from one task to another, and looking away "for a second" is impossible, too.

The reason I mention these human frailties is that I have recently been a passenger in vehicles that are now impairing the driver with GPS. From a passenger's standpoint, seeing the other cars around me, and the pedestrians, it is horrifying. Of course, the drivers feel that they can multi-task and are only looking away for a second, so I don't say anything. I certainly don't want to criticize someone's driving (that's unforgivable!) but I would like to discourage the person driving the car from being distracted, and looking away from the road for a considerable amount of time.

The very real possibility of getting into a wreck or killing pedestrians doesn't seem to impress these people, so I'm not sure exactly what to do.  Of course, GPS devices are the typical kind of toys that people usually are enthusiastic about for a while, and then never touch again. In the meantime, I will sit quietly and not criticize. In fact, I have to sit quietly, as an electronic voice says something every few minutes, and I am told to be quiet. Hopefully it you are reading this, and recognize yourself (although I assure you, I'm not talking about you!), you will stop doing this.

What I am going to do, as a passenger, is to just change the subject if someone wants to demonstrate their GPS while they're driving. I've had GPS in my car for many years now, and I use it the same way that I used a map before GPS was invented. I stop the car, look where I am going, picture the route in my mind, and go. Oh yeah, and the sound is turned off as I prefer to listen to music or converse with the person in the car with me.

Not this - "You - are - now - traveling - west - into - the - pacific - ocean"