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June 25, 2013

Asking for the sale

Sales is an art form. Some people are very good at it, and they make a lot of money. Most people are terrible at it, and just make a mess of things. And, like everything else, it's a careful balance between being too pushy, and not really getting to the point, which can be equally annoying to people.

In sales parlance, it's called "asking for the sale" or "closing". That is, putting the product in the customer's hands, smiling proudly and saying "here you go! That'll be 99 cents!"

Most people, especially people who are promoting their product or service on the web, are reluctant to be seen as "too pushy". They want to just casually talk about their business, maybe the weather, how the crops are doing this season, etc. I have visited websites where I can't even find a price, or how to order.

If that's you, imagine walking into your local Home Depot looking for a widget, and instead of being directed to it, along with a clearly-marked price, you are given the history of Home Depot, how many stores there are in the northern California area, the names of the kids of the founder... Hopefully you see my point.

I visited your blog and your website yesterday and I have no idea why you are doing it. Maybe you are reluctant to seem to "salsey" but frankly, you look like an idiot. Why are you doing this? Is this a front for laundering money? Are you doing it to win a bet? I really can't tell, and it just makes me trust you less.

I am writing this blog to promote my business of doing cartoon illustration and software training. There are links to my website on this page, and a clear explanation of what I do and what I charge for what I do. I do good work and I charge a fair price. I have clients who like me. I am proud of the work I do, and I have been getting money to do it since I was 19 years old.

How can I help you today?

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