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June 24, 2013

What an organic search is on the web

An organic search means that someone has found you through a Google search. That means that they have found you without clicking on an ad, or being a friend of yours, or through any other promotion. They simply wanted to find something, typed some words into a Google search, and found you.

People who find you through an organic search tend to to be your very best customers. They have not found you through any type of arm-twisting, or have been tricked into finding you, or cajoled in any way. They found you because you have what they need and they see value in your product or service.

When you think about it, organic searches are what we do all of the time, even outside of the internet. The grocery store that you go to probably attracted you just by being there. And maybe you did some research to find out if the prices are better at Sears or Walmart.

A promoted search, both on the internet, and "in real life" (as if the internet isn't real life!) include things like ads, coupons, people holding signs on street corners, someone walking through town shouting "Hear ye! Fresh brussels sprouts! It includes coupons, flyers, well, anything that, well, promotes.

Promoted searches on the web are things like AdWords, or pop-up ads. And yes, these can be important to a business, but only after they have accomplished all that they can organically. And if you have neglected the things that make organic searches possible for your business, you will spend a lot of money on promotions that will have very little value. The problem is that being visible for an organic search on the web requires a lot of work. This is how you do it:

• Start with a really good website. A website that looks good, is WC3 compliant, is well-written with great images, is like a store that is clean and well-stocked. You never get a second chance at a first impression. Get it done by a pro. It's the single most investment you'll make for your business on the web.

• Get a blog, and a Google+ page. No, you don't have to worry about "engagement" or how many "likes" you get. Just write about your product or service, and direct traffic to your website. There's a synergy there that will enhance your indexing on a Google search. Stick with Google products as much as possible. The Google "bots" favor Good stuff. Makes sense.

Remember, you are not pushing here, you are pulling. This is basic marketing strategy. If you don't understand the difference, then you will probably completely ignore what you need to do for an organic search, and will - sigh - do email blasts and pop-up ads. This will annoy a lot of people who would otherwise like to use your product or service, make a lot of money for people who claim to promote your business, and ultimately do very little good for you.

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