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June 5, 2013

Which social media to start with to promote your business on the web

There are so many different social media networks that it is way beyond confusing to try to know them all. I have tried - but there will probably be a dozen new ones by the time I finish writing this post. And if you go with the suggestion of friends, it will be even more confusing. Everyone has their favorite, and rarely does anyone venture beyond that one. "Man, you gotta be on XYZ or you're nowhere!"

Luckily, the answer on where to start is obvious. So much so that some people resent it. Google. Yes, the place to start is the place where people look. The term "Googling something" to look it up on the web has entered the language, and for good reason.

No, I'm not paid by Google (I wish I was!) but I know where to invest my time - with Google stuff. As you can see here, I use Google Blogger. And yes, the Google "bots" that index give preference to their own products. Why shouldn't they? And of course, you should have all of your settings set to public. I want people to find out about me, and my company! This is about exposure, not privacy.

And this is where it gets better - Blogger and Google indexing ties in beautifully with Google+. So there you go. Start with Google. If you have time for other stuff, like Facebook, fine. But start with the important stuff. If you want to argue with me about social media, I will listen to you, and hopefully you will be buying the beer. And in the meantime the Google bots will be indexing my stuff from Blogger and Google+

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