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July 6, 2013

Building a Search Engine Optimization system

I distinctly recall a story from my childhood about a group of people who lived in a primitive area and got the idea of putting up mailboxes. Apparently someone had visited England and was impressed by the postal service, which to them was simply putting a letter in a box on a street corner. The people promptly made a lot of letter boxes and placed them all over their community. But, of course, nothing happened.

So if you are looking at SEO the same way that these people were looking at how the postal service works in a community, well, I can't blame you. So little really shows. And if you've dropped a couple of "letters in the mailbox" on some scattered social media networks, only to find that nothing has happened to your Google indexing, then you need to see the whole system.

And if you look behind the mailboxes at a postal system, you will see a flurry of activity. There are vehicles, and buildings, and people, and, well, you see what I mean. So if you apply that way of thinking to SEO, you will begin to see that you need to dig deeper.

No, I'm not going to try to give all of the information in this blog post. If you think I can, then you really are just "seeing the mailboxes". But start by setting up your Google profile. From there, you will see how all of the social media networks work together, including Twitter and Linkedin, to help "deliver" a great page position for you on a Google search.

By the way, if you remember where this story of the mailboxes was from, please let me know!

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