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July 8, 2013

Getting started on Netflix the easy way

Whenever I would ask my friends about Netflix, the conversation would be all about wireless networks, wifi-compatable devices, etc. And as near as I can tell, setting up a wireless network is something that most people need, but I don't.

So here is the short answer: if you want to watch movies for $7.99 a month on your computer from Netflix, just go to their page and sign up. You will be able to watch it on your computer right away, which is what I am doing now.

This will give you an enormous library of movies and TV shows that you can watch instantly. No, this has nothing to do with setting up a wireless network in your house. If you want to watch Netflix somewhere other than on your computer, you will need to look into that.

I am watching "The Lorax" right now, and have just started on Mad Men. If you're wondering what "the catch is", that is, why people are paying $4.99 to watch a movie "on demand", it's simply that Netflix does not have the latest movies with their $7.99 plan. Only really old movies, like, you know, The Lorax from way back in 2012.

Yes, it's that easy. If someone starts talking about wireless networks and wifi-compatible devices, just put your hands over your ears and hum.

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