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Improving the sound quality of a Chromebook

I doubt whether the designers of the Chromebook imagined that I would be using it mostly to watch movies, and listen to music, but it looks like it will be a very important part of its function for me. And while I don't need a 40" screen while I'm traveling, or in my workout room, I do like the sound to be a bit richer than the tinny speakers that the Chromebook has. An easy solution!

I have been using an iHome portable speaker for years now with my iPod. I just plugged that into my Chromebook, and the sound improved dramatically. You need two cords to do this correctly, one that plugs into the speaker and the headphone jack, and another that powers the speaker through the USB port. Of course, the speaker will drain the power from the Chromebook, so be sure it's plugged into the wall.

I really don't picture myself sitting by the pool, or sitting in the airport, with my Chromebook, being entertained. That's what my Nook is for. The Chromebook will function more as an away-from home computer, which means that I will find a place for it, plug it in, and use it there. I will be visiting my luxurious vacation home in California soon (maintained by its owner when I'm not there) and it will be set up in my room, where I can watch movies, listen to music, check emails, surf the web, etc.

By the way, if you've never heard one of these little iHome portable speakers, prepare to be amazed. They're only a couple of inches tall but, wow, what a difference. I have been listening to audio books on one for years. For my iPod, I charge it, plug it in and listen. They are, as you would imagine, very portable. And the middle part opens up to enhance the bass. I always leave it open, unless I'm putting it in a suitcase. I have ordered a second one, and I know am going to leave the first one with the Chromebook. Twenty bucks from

I have also ordered a Case Logic sleeve for the Chromebook. I will need to make sure that it has all of its things with it when I travel, which will include the power cord, the speaker, and cords for hooking it up. A bit of a hassle, but worth it for the improved sound quality.