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Moving from iCal to Google Calendar

I am now moving over to the Google Calendar. To me it's as new as my my Chromebook, so if you have been using it for a long time, this may seem like much ado about nothing.

Aside from its being an easy-to-use and well-designed calendar, it's always on. That is, I don't need to launch some software, I just keep it as a bookmark on my browser and I can glance at it in seconds. You might think, "what's your hurry?", but glancing at something like this is what I compare to looking at your watch, or turning a page in a book. If it takes more than a millisecond, it's too long.

And since I'm not really entering things on a calendar that lives on my computer, it doesn't need to "sync" for me to read it in another device, which will be my Chromebook. When I run out the door to the airport at the last minute, my calendar will already be waiting for me when I open my Chromebook. Again, you might say, "what's so difficult about syncing?" I've synced devices like my iPod and, before that, my Palm Pilot, and it is stupid and annoying. I may have time to admire a beautiful sunset, or write a blog post, but I ain't got time for syncing.

The default setting was weekly, but I kind'a like seeing the whole month, so I went into settings to adjust that. To get to settings, you need to find the thing that kind'a looks like a metallic flower (not sure if it's supposed to be a cog or something) and then select settings. From there you get a whole bunch of options, which I will be fine-tuning a bit as I get used to the Google calendar.

One of the coolest features of the Google calendar happened just a few seconds ago as I was typing this. It has a little pop-up that appears on the screen as a reminder. It also puts a reminder in my gmail. I'm a right-brained person (dreamy type) so I really like having a computer to remind me of stuff. In fact, my computers have always been the left side of my brain. You might say, "should you rely on technology for that?" I have all of my adult life, and it has never let me down. I also trust that when I push a button on an elevator, it will take me to that floor.

I'm not really a "computer guy" although I've worked professionally using computers my whole career. I am an embracer of technology that will free me up to do more of the stuff I like, such as looking at sunsets and drawing cartoons.