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Using a Chromebook to watch Netflix in my workout room.

Although I got the Chromebook in order to stay connected while traveling, I was surprised yesterday to find that it will have a much more important use here at home. I will be watching Netflix on it in my workout room.

I have been "sneaker-netting" with my iPod for years just to have something playing in the background while I did my workouts, or rode the stationary bike. And it worked pretty good. I have a lot of videos on my iPod, including movies. But watching Netflix on the Chromebook has it beat, both for ease of use, and variety.

This is how I do it: I find something I want to watch on Netflix here on my main computer, watch a bit of it, and get it started. Then I pause it here and walk into the other room. I have my Chromebook plugged in, and with a nice little iHome speaker attached, and it sits on top of the TV that I probably won't be using much anymore. From there, all I gotta do is open it up and hit the space bar to play the movie. Oh yeah, and I set it to full screen.

When I'm done in there, I can go back to my regular computer and watch the rest of the movie while I'm catching up on work, emails, etc. Or I can leave it until I get back to the workout room. I've noticed that most of the time Netflix finds my place perfectly, and when it doesn't, I find it myself.

I had not planned this. I had thought that I would need to get a new TV that could accept Wi-Fi signals for the workout room. All I would have needed was a small, inexpensive one. But the Chromebook functions beautifully as that, and if I need to, I can check my emails there.

I wish I could say that I planned this, but I didn't. It's working great.