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July 31, 2013

Using email for Monkey Chatter

I have been using the term "Monkey Chatter" for many years now, and it just means the light and friendly things that we say to our friends and family all of the time. It really doesn't mean anything in and of itself, it's just phrases like "what's up?" "How's it going?" etc. but it is critical to our survival.

I got the phrase "Monkey Chatter" from a documentary that I had seen about a group of baboons who kept up a constant chatter while they were out in an open field feeding. This constant stream of communication comforted them and allowed them to know that everything was fine, and that everyone that they cared about was around them constantly. I'm sure if you could translate their language, it would be "what's up?" "How's it going?", etc. Silence would be a terrible thing.

And yes, I do Monkey Chatter. I'm a little too, uh, old, to do it texting, but I do it with email. And I have recently moved this critical type of communication over to a new email address. And while I will check my professional email twice a day, I will check my "monkey chatter" email, which is as easy as glancing at a tab on my browser, more often.

Monkey Chatter is critical to our survival as a species. Even when we are doing other tasks, we are wondering about the people we care about. We don't need to know every detail, just that they are there. If there is silence, we will move fast.

What's up? How's it going?

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