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Why I ordered a basic flip phone

Now that I have my Chromebook, I really, really, don't need my phone to do anything but let me talk on it. The phone I have now, which has a tiny slide-out keyboard and manages to hang up on people when I reach into my pocket, has been a source of both humor and irritation for me for several months now. I finally had enough of it and paid a premium to get an old-fashioned flip phone. Yes, they still do make them!

Of course, for this convenience, you will have to pay. Smart phones are given away free by Verizon, so you have to do a little bit of work to get this. I found it at the very bottom of the page. And yes, it cost me eighty bucks.

No, it doesn't require a data plan, and although you could, in theory, use it to surf the web and send emails, it's really not for that. To answer a call, you flip the phone open, to end a call, you close it. There is no need for a keyboard that locks. A nice piece of technology that has been virtually lost in the excitement of Smart Phones.

For surfing the web and sending emails, I will use my Chromebook. It has a full-sized keyboard (I don't type with my thumbs) and a 12-inch screen. Take that, tablets and iPhones! And did I mention that it doesn't require a contract or a "data plan" to work. It just needs Wi-Fi, which I am finding just about everywhere.

But what if I need to use a map? I have a GPS in my car. What if I need to send an email? I find a Starbucks, sit down, have a cup of coffee, organize my thoughts and write something worth reading. I also read emails sent to me with care. And did I mention that I don't have to type with my thumbs?

I will use my phone for talking 99.999% of the time. One rare occasions that I need to text, I will send "on my way", but that's about it. I don't do "monkey chatter". Well, that's not true, I do monkey chatter with email to friends and family. On my Chromebook.

If you're trying to read books, watch movies, send emails, read maps, etc., etc., on the same device, it's no wonder you're so cranky. I have a dedicated ereader, a Chromebook for watching movies, surfing the web and sending emails. And phone for talking and listening.

Hello! Is that you?