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August 8, 2013

Downloading files onto your Chromebook

A Chromebook has about nine gigs of storage space on the device itself. It sure doesn't sound like much, but it's nine more gigs than I had imagined it had. And it looks like I will use a bit of it.

I wrote a grocery list for what I would need when I got to California and then wondered, how will I be able to see it when I am not connected to Wi-Fi? Google documents are stored on Drive, which is in the cloud, and it's wonderfully handy when you are connected to the internet, but it's useless when you're not. What I needed was a way to get that document (or file) physically onto the Chromebook. You can do that!

To do it, you need to download it. And you do that while you have the document open by going to file. From there you can download it. To get it later on, look for the files folder at the bottom left of your Chromebook screen.

Word processing documents take up very little space, so you can put just about as many as you want on your Chromebook. It really doesn't have a "desktop", so you have to look in the files. I don't store stuff on my desktop here at home, so looking in a file made perfect sense to me. Pretty handy!

Update - it looks like this wasn't even necessary. I have enabled offline for my Google docs.

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