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How to get gmail

Gmail is a free email program from Google that runs on your browser. To get it, go to and sign up. It costs nothing, just takes some time creating a userid, a password, that sort of thing.

You can name your email anything you want, as long as someone else doesn't have it. It will end with, but you can put anything you want in front of it. For example, if your name is James Bond, it could be If there is already someone using that address, you can add some numbers to it, for example

Gmail is a web-based email program, which means that you get it the same way that you get to anything on the web, by using your browser. I am using it a lot more these days, just for fun, although I still have my professional email.

If you're wondering why it's free, it's because Google generates their revenue with advertising. And if you're wondering if there is enough money in advertising to cover all the expenses, don't worry, there is.

Give it a try!