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Keeping an eye on how your website or blog is doing

A couple of days ago one of my clients asked me to try out StatCounter. I figured that it would be about the same as Google Analytics. But I haven't been watching the stats on Google Analytics for a long time now, as the interface there has gotten so wildly complex. If you understand the information on Google Analytics, well, you scare me a little bit.

StatCounter makes sense to me. There are colorful charts, and links to different things that tell you more about the visitors to your website or blog. The instructions are very clear on how to add the code, which I did in Dreamweaver for my client's and my own website, and for my blogs, which utilizes an HTML/Javascript gadget. Very straight-forward.

It's good to keep an eye on stats. I have to admit that I had been "flying blind" for quite some time. Now I have bookmarked StatCounter, and am obsessively checking it. I've only just started seeing what it can do, but I like it.

Yeah, it's free, and the page is riddled with ads, and there is the usual "upgrade now" messages. But that's to be expected. Even with all that noise, I can still understand it better than Google Analytics.