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Most commonly-asked questions about my Chromebook

I am really enjoying using my new Chromebook, and I like to show off new toys, so I am showing it to people. To me, it's fascinating what first impressions are.

The most commonly-asked questions are 1) are there "apps"? Yes. 2) Can you use Microsoft Office on it? No. I volunteer the question, "Can you do Adobe software on it?" No. Also, you can't use iTunes on it (I uploaded my iTunes Library to Google Play).

I think that it's because it actually looks like a laptop computer, people expect it to be a laptop computer. It's not. It's mostly just a way to connect to the internet, with Wi-Fi. Yes, there are "apps" on it. Someone showed me the Chromebook's Word Processing app yesterday. I don't do word processing, so it didn't interest me.

For those of you are interested in games (I'm not), you have the entire internet to choose from. I may play some Chinese Checkers. To find a game, search Google. You know, the internet. People stare at me and ask how that works. I find myself explaining how to use the internet, and then they get it.

No one yet has asked me what it's really for, and why I got it. It's for connecting to the internet with Wi-Fi using a full-sized keyboard and a nice big screen. No, it's not as big as the one on my iMac, or the one in my living room (on my TV) but it's a whole lot bigger than a tablet, or a phone. I am using it to watch Netflix, check my email, look at maps. Sure, you can do that on your tablet, or your smart phone, but my Chromebook doesn't require you to type with your thumbs, or look at a screen that's smaller than the TV screens of the 1950s.

I like my new Chromebook. And the confused looks and the silly questions it gets reminds me of my old sports car days when someone would look at my car and ask, "can you haul lumber in it?"

My Chromebook is the little two-seater car of computers. No, you can't move furniture with it. That's what a truck is for. But it's lightning-fast around the curves!