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Traveling with the Chromebook

I just got back from a week in Los Angeles, where the Chromebook performed perfectly. I have to admit to having high expectations, and I am very pleased.

What I expected the Chromebook to do was to keep me entertained, and to provide my "lifeline" of email. For someone like me, who virtually lives on the computer at home, it has been, if nothing else, irritating to be away from it. And while I can always find a computer to borrow, to check email, etc., it's just never comfortable.

The Chromebook is very comfortable. No, it's not as comfortable as my big screen iMac, which I am typing on right now, but it's much better than borrowing someone's PC (although it has been fascinating to see how computers used to be, with Windows Operating Systems and Internet Explorer). And, well, I'm not really working when I go out of town. Frankly, I just like keeping in touch with friends, keeping an eye on if a client has a question for me, that sort of thing.

No, the Chromebook is not a replacement for my Mac. Although the screen on the Chromebook is much larger than any phone or tablet, it's not appropriate for the work that I do. For Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver I need a real computer. My Mac is not only extremely powerful, its screen is color corrected for the type of precision that I need. There is also a backup drive, operated by Time Machine, that backs up the entire hard drive every hour on the hour. When I work, I need this computer. It's wildly expensive and it's razor-sharp. It's a race car.

The Chromebook is not a race car. I would compare it to a rent-a-car. But I have the car keys! It does everything I need to do while I am away. It streams Netflix, which has become the most important use for it. The only browser it has is Chrome, which is OK, as that is what I use here on my Mac. I'm a Google kind'a person, so I have long since been a user of Blogger (like this), Google+, etc. And I'm now using gmail, and Google Play.

It's all about Wifi. And it's in airports, hotels, and just about everybody's home that I have visited. And that's all the Chromebook needs. I like it.